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    Welcome to Eurostanc

  • What We Do

    We produce and deliver No.1 quality Die Steel Knives and Cutting Tools all over the world

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    Wide Product Range of Die Steel Knives

    We have all type of clicking knives you need

    Our main products are the clicking die steel knives and cutting tools for the Automotive, Packaging and for the Shoe industry.

    We supply the textile industry and we also produce special knives.

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    Best Quality

    There are difference between product and product

    We are proud of our outstanding production precision which leads to the excellent pressure-resistance. Our products are made of high quality Böhler - Martin Miller steel and Wieser and Gerdins punches.

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    Order Your Products in 4 easy steps

    Steps of cooperation with You

    1. Get in touch with us
    2. Send us the tool design or ask for help
    3. We send you a quotation
    4. In case of acceptance we deliver the Product for You ASAP
  • Services

    Designing & Advisement & Laser Cutting

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    We help you to design your patterns upon requiest.

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    We help you navigate

    Our professional team is ready to provide the best solution for your questions and problems in cutting technology

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    Laser Cutting

    Contract manufacturing

    Our laser cutting service offers significant time and cost advantages to our customers as opposed to other sheet metal processings since beside minimizing the tool and setup costs excellent material efficiency is possible. In addition to cost effectiveness there are further benefits of laser cutting: cutting without mechanical contact, burr free cutting, good quality cutting surface, no need for reworking, high degree of design freedom

  • Team

    We're one of the main die cutting tool producer in the European market, with over 15 years of professional experience, 36 dedicated full time employer and 2 production plants.

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    Andras Reti, MSc.


    Andras has 10+ years experience at VC & early stage financing and company operations. He brings business development, project and innovation management experience to Eurostanc.

    Co-Owner and CEO of Eurostanc.


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    Zoltán Szőts

    Plant manufacturing director

    Zoltán has 20+ years experience in die steel manufacturing.

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    Ernő Szép

    Account Manager

    Ernő has 20+ years experience in die steel manufacting.

  • Southern Hungarian Plant Team


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  • Connect With Us

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    Primary Email: eurostanc@eurostanc.hu

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    Call us : +36-74-453773

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    Reach us at Linkedin

  • Our Plant in Southern Hungary

    Address: H-7150 Bonyhád, Kossuth Lajos utca 65., Tel./ Fax: +36 74 453 773, Email: bonyhad@eurostanc.hu

  • References

    The trust of our customers is the single most important asset we have.

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  • Thank you for the Hungarian and European Union's support

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